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Rhythmos develops advanced technology that optimizes the entire electric mobility ecosystem, enabling the transition to a decarbonized power grid based on distributed energy resources as primary service providers. Our Rhythmos Algorithmic Optimization System (AOS) platform uses advanced machine learning and data analytics to optimize grid performance, considering EV fleet owner operational requirements, existing utility tariffs and rates, electric utility infrastructure capacity and grid constraints, wholesale energy market pricing, and more. By approaching optimization from this end-to-end ecosystem perspective, the Rhythmos AOS extracts the dormant value for all participants in the energy ecosystem, something traditional point solutions cannot identify and capture. Based in Boulder, CO, Rhythmos is at the forefront of solving a $2.1 trillion problem and facilitating a rapid and cost-efficient transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy and decarbonized transportation. Learn more at Rhythmos For media inquiries, contact [email protected].


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