About Blackhorn Ventures

This is Industrial Impact.


Blackhorn Ventures was founded in 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors aligned around the Industry 4.0 thesis; the transformation and decarbonization of our industrial economy requires the rapid adoption of unprecedented levels of new digital infrastructure.

Over the past six years, as the pace of digitization and decarbonization has accelerated, we’ve built a reputation in the venture industry for backing best-in-class companies building software-centric solutions for our largest, and most critical industrial sectors (Energy, Construction / Built Environment, Supply Chain / Logistics and Transportation).


These interconnected industries generate $3T in annual revenue and form the foundation of U.S. and global GDP. Our founders are digitizing and decarbonizing our physical asset base, while improving resource efficiency and national security. Leveraging industrial policy, and the convergence of a manufacturing super cycle with an artifical intellligence super cycle, we support best-in-class entrepreneurs from around the globe with go-to-market, talent acquistion & leadership development, and syndicate building for fundraising.



Digitial Infrastructure for the Energy Transition.


Our portfolio of capital-efficient, asset-light companies operate in hard-to-abate industrial sectors, and deliver operational savings, improvements in labor productivity, as well as outsized environmental and social outcomes including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Blackhorn believes in a ‘bits and atoms’ approach to decarbonization; our portfolio companies use enterprise software business models, off the shelf hardware, and asset-light approaches to scale the deployment of renewable energy, decarbonize our building stock, increase the resiliency of our supply chain, and increase the penetration of zero-emission vehicles across our transportation landscape.

 We are a Series Seed and Series A investor, which is where we believe companies formulate their DNA, and where we can have material impact on achieving escape velocity. Our team of domain experts and sector specialists benefits from pattern-matching built over decades that allows us to offer our companies outsize value at the early-stage of their development, positioning them for scale. We back entrepreneurs who are building, powering, moving, and maintaining the world we live in.