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  • We invest in world-class Founders transforming how we build, power, and move our world.
  • We take a capital-efficient approach to digitizing industries that are the backbone of the global economy.
  • Favorable early-stage valuation environment, convergence of AI and manufacturing super cycle, and enterprise demands for operational efficiency creating unprecedented demand for digital infrastructure solutions.
  • Supply chain volatility, unprecedented energy demand driving grid modernization, stagnant construction productivity, and a revolution in transportation infrastructure – all ushering in a new era of iconic companies.

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Blackhorn VC prioritizes investments that contribute to environmental sustainability and industrial decarbonization.

Founder testimonials

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“Blackhorn has been a very important partner to Briq. Blackhorn has helped us scale our company by providing great advice on topics ranging from product, to technology and hiring”.


Bassem Hamdy
Briq, CEO

“Blackhorn has been instrumental to our success since the early days. They’ve been valuable in multitude of ways ranging from network connections with commercial upside to operating advice and strategic positioning.”


Josh Carter
Aperia, CEO

“During fundraising, our team jokingly broke prospective investors into two camps: #FlatEarthers and #TrueBelievers. The Blackhorn team are one of very few True Believers in construction technology investing. In them, we found a mirroring conviction that A) America CAN innovate in the messiness of the built environment. And B) America MUST innovate here or we have no hope of curbing carbon emissions. Additionally, we appreciated their balanced funding vision, leveraging both venture capital and private equity to help us grow. Blackhorn has a focused investment thesis, and in that realm, there isn’t a better Built World investment team out there.”


Garrett Moore
Agorus, Founder & CEO

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Deployment Capital for Decarbonization

This paper explores three ways startup companies can access funding, some of the top energy and transportation funding opportunities we’re tracking, how startups can navigate the process.

Controlling the Foundational Data Asset: AI’s Impact on Industry 4.0 and Industrial Decarbonization

This paper focuses on the disruptive potential of AI within industrial settings and highlights the core tenants of our AI thesis.

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Blackhorn VC prioritizes investments that contribute to environmental sustainability and industrial decarbonization.