5 Ways to Close the VC Gender Gap with Melissa Cheong

Jul 29, 2019

Melissa Cheong, Managing Partner of Blackhorn Ventures talks with Tyler Gallagher about ways to close the gender gap in the world of venture capital.


We need to start telling girls at an early age that they can cultivate their own brand of leadership in conjunction with companies ensuring that women are represented at all levels within their organizations, at the entry-level as well as within management. The wage gap between men and women needs to disappear, sending the message that one group is not valued in the workforce more than the other. Both of these two points will help to eliminate the subconscious social biases that serve to limit women in their career trajectories. They will also ensure that women continue to have a seat at the table throughout various stages of their career progression, given that equal economic earning potential in their families should be made possible in a merit-based system, rather than having their earning power be limited by their gender.

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