Assessing Carbon Opportunities: Our Investment Thesis in this Growing, Nascent Landscape

Sep 14, 2023

2021 Blackhorn Ventures Annual Impact Report

Blackhorn Ventures is excited to share our latest market insights whitepaper on “Assessing Carbon Opportunities”.

Significant uncertainty regarding carbon removal and accounting standards, regulations, and the timing of demand, leads us to take a curious, but cautious, investment approach. Given our focus on digital infrastructure, we’re primarily focused on: 1) carbon accounting solutions, 2) measurement, reporting and verification (MRV), 3) fintech accelerating access and traceability, and 4) solutions driving fundamental efficiency gains with the potential for supplemental carbon revenue.

Innovators featured in this report include Blackhorn portfolio companies Optera, ecoworks, and Agerpoint, along with other innovators in this space including EnergyRM, Carbon Title, Singularity Energy, Isometric, Chloris Geospatial, and Thalo Labs

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