2021 Industrial Impact Fund Annual Impact Report

Oct 21, 2021

2021 Blackhorn Ventures Annual Impact Report

Blackhorn Ventures is excited to share our 2021 Industrial Impact Fund Annual Impact Report.

2020 was an unprecedented year. As Covid-19 challenged the economy’s resilience, a groundswell of concern around climate change, social unrest and corporate responsibility dominated news headlines. This built momentum for policy makers, the general public and corporate leaders to push for solutions. Meanwhile, the impacts of the global pandemic forced many industries to pivot and adapt, and, in many cases, companies redefined how they relate to both customers and employees.

Alongside this, ESG and sustainable investment strategies continue to gain traction across almost every asset class. Employers are engaged in transparent and concerted efforts to elevate equity, inclusion, and diversity initiatives throughout their organizations. Many of the world’s largest companies made public commitments in 2020 to meet ambitious carbon emission reductions, with some committing to go beyond net-zero as they work to offset their historical carbon emissions.

Blackhorn Ventures is emboldened by the change we’ve seen over the past year, and we are inspired by the entrepreneurs who we partner with. These individuals are tackling problems on the front line, while advancing social and environmental outcomes.

Thank you to the portfolio company founders and team members who contributed to this year’s Blackhorn Ventures Industrial Impact Report. We are honored to collaborate with like-minded investors and peers who believe that generating real change requires us to move faster together. We are proud to be on this journey with you.

View the report below or download it by clicking on this link or on the image above.


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