Blackhorn Ventures Team Headshots -- Cameron Carver

Cameron Carver

Financial Analyst

Cameron Carver joined Blackhorn Ventures in May 2021 as a Financial Analyst. In his role, Cameron divides his roles between the due diligence for potential investments, financial analysis on opportunities, and reporting for both impact metrics and quarterly reporting.

Prior to joining Blackhorn, Cameron worked with Alhambra Consulting Group, a pro-bono organization aiming to foster regional economic development in the Berkshire region and the surrounding areas by providing advisory to local businesses, non-profits, and public sector groups operating in geographic proximity to the region. As a board member, he led significant growth and development of the group, assisting in spreading to national clients.

Cameron holds a BA in Economics and Psychology from Williams College. He now resides in Denver, CO where he spends his free time split between the mountains and competing in strength sports.